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About Us

T he Apostolic Church, Maritime Territory, which covers both Rivers and Bayelsa States, began in Bodo in 1935 when a delegation from Bodo visited Calabar after learning of the existence of The Apostolic Church and its principles and practice operating in Calabar. The outcome of the mission was the coming of Glorious Vision, which has today grown tremendously in the present Rivers State, and Bayelsa State, which received the vision in 1982. The Lord established and accomplished this great work, using men as His instruments, great and gifted men of God both from United Kingdom and Nigeria, and it will not be out of place to mention some of them from the United Kingdom such as Pastors Joseph Philips, D.C. Hopkins D. H. Macgill, George Perfect; I.J. Vaughan, L.J. Darry, G.P. Selby, R.J.J. Lewis, W.R. Chibvers, G.H. Williams and G.G. Weeks; and from Nigeria, servants of God such as Pastors E.E. Okon – the past National President C.E. Mfon, O.A. Essien, E.N.O. Ene, Henshaw, E.E. Etta, J.U. Udom, J. Thomas from the former Calabar Area; and from the former Igbo Area, ministers such as Pastors Anyachor, Kawa, Kalu, Woke and many others. God also used mighty indigenous ministers such as Pastors N.V. Bobah, R.V. Gbarato, M.K. Nyiedah B. Faara-Vigo, F.N. Philips, A.E. George, M.A Piirah, P.B. Isaac and a host of others. The missionary fathers from the United Kingdom properly trained indigenous leaders and handed over leadership to them, and up to the present time, the Field has got three indigenous Field Superintendents in the persons of Pastors B. Faara-Viqo, F.N. Phillips, who had ended their works and had rested in the bosom of the Lord. The third field superintendent and first Territorial Chairman is Pastor Dr. A.N. Aeba JP,Amb. P.The second and present Territorial Chairman is Pastor L.O.Ogbonnah JP.
The Territory has recorded great progress in recent times; prominent among them is the acquisition of 6 acres of land, fencing of the perimeters and ground breaking foundation laying ceremony in Igbo Etche L.G.A. of Rivers State for Territorial Annual Easter Convention. There is a strong prospect to acquire more. Also the mini printing press sited at Bodo city Gokana local Government Area Rivers State was commissioned on 28th August, 2018.

The present Maritime Territory is composed of (10) ten zones, (45) forty-five Areas, (175) one hundred and seventy five Districts and 555 +as at 2017. There is a strong faith in the promises of God through prophetic and Divine revelations that The Apostolic Church Maritime Territory shall continue to experience tremendous progress and prosperity from God.